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A September Story

The month, no, the year is speeding by at a pretty terrifying pace. It feels like yesterday that I turned thirty. However, it was actually nearly half a year ago! As the seasons tick round again and I reluctantly pack away my sandals for another year, I'm also slightly thrilled by the chill in the air!

Over the last two weeks I've had to don my wellies and battered winter coat for the first time in months, a sartorial combination I feel truly at home in, and was blown down the road by the wind this morning whilst walking the dogs.

Autumn is certainly my favourite season to walk. Crisp and bright mornings are quite a welcome change after the heat of the summer. I don't know about anyone else with dogs but I felt like I hardly got to take them out for most of the summer months. I like the contrast of bright mornings and dark nights and an excuse to light a candle.

I've been researching where to get this year's log delivery and resisted buying some Americanised Halloween tat that I didn't need in Homesense, I will be buying Coconut a bat costume this year though, just fyi!

We've been able to embrace curry and stews again and Phil is pickling things with conviction. Tis the season to pickle! And the most satisfying chapter in my September story is that we've finally made good use of all the apple trees in our garden. We've harvested nearly 200 kilos last weekend and they've been sent off to a good cause - a cider-making cause - of which we get a percentage share in return.  I'm pretty sure it will last us a good few weeks.

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