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The Conservatives Have Underestimated The General Public

We're now into the penultimate weekend before the UK's 2017 General Election. This week it was reported that Labour had slashed the Conservative lead in the polls to just 5 points. This is quite an incredible achievement considering Labour's standing prior to Theresa calling for a snap election and is testament to Corbyn's strength as a campaigner. The same campaigning strength can't quite be said about May.

The Conservatives clearly believed before calling this election that they'd have an easy ride to victory; that May's popularity was all they needed to ride the wave to victory and that they need not go in to full campaign mode. Their assumption that the public would be attracted merely by May's appeal is astounding and shows just how they feel about the general public. They clearly don't feel that the public are interested enough, or possibly intelligent enough, to understand policies, manifesto pledges and debates and have reduced the general election to a popularity contest bolstered by the bias of the right wing media summed up by The Daily Mail. 

The new polling results announced this week show just how the Conservatives have greatly underestimated the general public. The major problem the Conservatives have caused for themselves is that thanks to their refusal to engage in any debates or deeper conversation, they have ensured that no-one is clear what they are standing for in this general election other than continued austerity and a few controversial policies, now possibly u-turned, although we can't quite be sure!

The choice seems to be between continuing with an program of austerity, which has been proven not to work, or we have the opportunity to choose change, investment and funding for public services. We can only hope that before June 8th, the Conservatives realise their campaign is not working and they open up to debate their policies and make their manifesto clearer to the voting public, otherwise they could be in for a very rude awakening come the 9th of June.

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