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Why Are We All So Busy?

When did being busy become such an aspiration? It seems to be a default setting for people when asked how they are to say 'Oh, I'm so busy!' I know people do lead busy lives and there are plenty of people in my life that I love unconditionally but sometimes I just don't want to hear how busy they are!

With the increase in social media in our lives (instagram stories anyone?) we're constantly being watched and our private lives scrutinised and there is a huge pressure to constantly be 'on'. Whether that means, being made up, dressed up, out working, out socialising; we're always keen to show how our lives are interesting, exciting and aspirational. Even when it isn't quite that exciting all the time!

You may think there's nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, who wants to see people sitting around in their pjs anyway? However, the effect it has on others is well documented. The BBC documented just this morning that Instagram has the worst impact upon young people's mental health out of all social media platforms. When we constantly make others feel that we must be important, successful and in demand to be so busy all the time, others will naturally compare themselves and often feel they are coming up short.

Dealing with a chronic illness is already no walk in the park but the last thing we need to be reminded of constantly is our limitations. Two and a half years into my multiple sclerosis diagnosis, everything is still quite fresh and I'm still coming to terms with what I now can't do as easily. Rationing my energy whilst still trying to work full time and try and keep some form of social life intact is a balancing act. One that not many other twenty something year olds will understand. I therefore find the 'busy brigade' particularly galling as I struggle to work more than three days of the week in the office. Anyone who isn't busy, busy, busy can feel less useful and successful and at the very worst... lazy. The truth is very different, it's about keeping as well as possible, not constantly rushing around. But, when society seems to align success and 'busyness' so closely, it can be difficult to say;

'I'm doing absolutely nothing this weekend.' 

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