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Natural Skincare: Korres

There was a time when slathering on any old face cream would do the job, when the most basic drug store moisturiser would be thrown into the basket. Now I'm not saying that skincare has to be expensive, ideally not, but my new criteria does mean that skincare should have as few nasty ingredients as possible in.

When thinking about what ingredients go on to my skin, I'm increasingly aware that many are easily absorbed into the bloodstream; think of nicotine or hormone patches. The idea of slathering chemicals on to my face every morning and every night is slightly worrying. 

Enter Korres, the Greek skincare company founded by pharmacist Georgios Korres on the Island of Naxos. Inspired by natural ingredients and herbal remedies, the brand makes it clear on products just what they are made of. 

The Black Pine Antiwrinkle, Firming & Lifting creams declare that they are made up of 97.7% natural content. They don’t profess to be completely organic but the quality of the cream is incredibly high. The non greasy formula smells incredible. If you’re interested in the science bit behind it; black pine extract contains strong anti-inflammatory properties, helping to calm the skin after cleansing.

The whole range is a skincare fanatic’s dream. You can regularly find great discounts and 2 for 1 deals on Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

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