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A Personal Manifesto

A Personal Manifesto

We are deep into the election race and keeping track of the endless articles detailing the various promises bribes the parties are trotting out to garner our precious votes is getting quite tiresome! Labour's, artfully leaked, draft manifesto was awash with everything the public is dying to hear. Essentially masses more funding for every public service going, and increasing publicly owned assets. A tempting prospect for anyone with a bone of liberalism about them. The Tories in stark contrast seem yet to announce anything much apart from wheeling Theresa out of her bus to tell everyone she is 'strong and stable'.

I feel election inertia is already setting in and it's only mid May. How about a slightly more personal pick list manifesto to get your teeth in to? Let's not think about this list as a (very late) new year's resolutions list, or list of to-do's, rather a declaration! Declaration sounds more important and therefore surely something I'll be more likely to stick to?

1. Keep the veg alive
Yes, every year I must be among thousands that grasp my copy of The Times, gardening through the year article and think to myself 'This is the year. My trowel and I will be properly acquainted and miracles may well happen in my garden. Who knows, I may discover 'my calling' and next year I might be showing at Chelsea flower garden and winning gold.' Getting carried away is something that can and does happen. However, I generally find that a few weeks down the line, the grass is overgrown, the vegetables sprouting in the raised beds are indistinguishable to me from the weeds and I've lost my trowel.

2. Write that novel
Why does a blank page hold so much dread? The expectation unnerves me. Occasionally I manage to force out a few hundred words and then things dry up. Usually once I'm moving scenes from one, I feel at the time is expertly executed, to another. Clearly I feel I've reached peak writing when finishing a chapter; I usually find this is untrue when I return to re-read it a few days later!

3. Care less
Unfortunately as a woman, caring what other people think of me has become hardwired into my DNA, as much as I might resist it; invariably leading to a lifetime of pleasing others. I've been making my best attempt over the last few years to give the finger to my concerns about what others think; by leaving the house make up free, to not bothering to shave for weeks at a time. However, there is still work to do here!
p.s the lack of shaving was amazing!

Vive le Manifesto!

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