Sunday, 8 June 2014

On my menu...

I had to share this incredible picture because it's one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen of food! It's from the rather special blog The Littlest Things/ What to cook tonight so all credit for the image above to her. 
I wanted to share a brief round up of culinary inspiration I'm dying to try out as soon as I'm installed in my new kitchen which could potentially be in about 4 days... my estate agent is holding me in suspense! 

1. Seafood is among my very favourite things to eat. There's nothing better then spaghetti vongole in my opinion or fresh squid, scallops, mussels... you get the idea! Although I very rarely cook them myself. I suppose this is beacause they seem like a lot of effort and can be quite fiddly with all the prep. 'What to cook tonight' makes it all look very easy though and the squid is going to be the first thing I try on a Saturday evening in my new flat!

2. Pasta is always high on my list of things to eat. I have quite an Italian mindset about it... i.e I couldn't live without it! This pasta obsession started long before I lived in Italy for 9 months though, it's been a life long love affair really. I think it's the versatility of it that makes it such a great ingredient. If you're after something homely, warm and filling in the depths of winter a nice ragu, lasagne or macaroni cheese will satisfy all cravings and in summer a light pasta salad or seafood dish is ideal. 
I understand though if you're not a fan how weird my love of it might sound. Like the whole Eat, Pray, Love scene where Julia Roberts eats a bowl of pasta as if she's never tasted it before... It's the most annoying scene in the history of cinema and I'm always slightly concerned that is me every time I eat a bowl!

3. Tomatoes- I'm not just talking about any old tomatoes but heritage tomatoes that come in a crazy array of colours! They make any dish look so appealing and I'm keen to try out this simple caprese once the weather heats up.

4. More gratuitous seafood pictures! There's no reason other than they're too beautiful not to share!

images via pinterest

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  1. Oh my those photo's are just stunning aren't they? I absolutely love seafood! I am off to Croatia in a few weeks where all I am going to do is eat seafood haha!


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