It's all change this summer. I'm now a few months in to my new job and a couple of weeks ago finally got the keys to my new flat and moved in. On top of that we may have made one of rashest decisions ever and got a puppy! 
Meet Ted he's an 8 week old Jack Russell who so far is surprisingly well behaved but we're under no illusion as to how much training he's going to need!
I'll do a full post on the flat soon!

White dresses

One of my very best friends is getting married next summer and although it's a long way off we're soon going dress shopping. I've never felt like a particularly girly girl but the thought of wedding dress shopping makes me giggly and excited! It's only for the bridesmaid dresses at the moment though. However I can't help pinning wedding dresses all the time in anticipation for her big purchase, I don't know what's wrong with me! They're just too pretty, especially all the ones selected for this post. I think my very favourite is probably Hollie (second down on the left) by Australian brand Grace Loves Lace. Many of them are a little revealing for a wedding day but they are beautiful!

Weekly thoughts #4

This week...

  • I got excited about the prospect of finally getting the keys to my new flat, and then frustrated when the date rolled around and it didn't happen, but then excited again as I'm sure I'll get them soon.
  • I helped install a beehive at work, not something I ever thought I'd do. I even got to wear a full bee suit! 
  • I bought some beautiful asos maxed-out suede loafers in nude and felt posh on their inaugural outing! I'm considering them in maroon too.
  • I did a huge Ikea haul recently but haven't got around to photographing it. On the to do list!
  • After a particularly hectic Wednesday, it was lovely driving to the boyfriend's in the sun and getting to see him after our first separate weekend in god knows how long.
  • I met the cutest little puppy on Wednesday afternoon. He was so wriggly and excitable though that when I picked him up to stop him from charging off he weed all over me. Oh the joy of puppies!
  • The sunshine this week has been heavenly. I'm just sad I've been stuck in an office for most of the week.
  • I've been considering a big purchase this weekend...a mac book pro.... oh decisions! Any advice on buying a new computer would be appreciated! Drop me a comment below.

Butts Farm, Cirencester

I was babysitting my nephew at the weekend and we headed out for an afternoon to Butts farm, a local rare breed farm. This is basically a post with one aim...cute pictures of pigs! 

Time to tan

I'm on a tanning quest. I've never really taken to fake tan. I tan naturally very easily and whenever I've tried self tanning in the past it never looks quite right and it's always a massive hassle! I'm more of a lip balm and go type so any beauty product has to be seriously quick and easy for me. For example, I've just discovered spray on moisturiser and now I wonder how I ever lived without!
So, I'm after the kind of glow I had last summer, photo below. However, there's no prospect of a holiday any time soon and therefore my current pasty face, and body, need some help! The following products are all on my radar. 

1. I picked up the Garnier gradual tanning moisturiser recently. Obviously my first issue with this is that it isn't spray on but the idea of the gradual tan appeals as it sounds like it can't really go wrong! Also at such an affordable price I don't feel like I'm wasting money if I decide I don't like it.
2. St Tropez is a pretty obvious option. Again, it's one I haven't tried but it's a bit more of an investment tan, so this one might not be my first option as a casual tanner!
3. I've read a lot of good reviews for St Moritz. Apparently it's a very similar formula to St Tropez and gives really deep colour. The big difference is that it's extremely cheap!
4. I actually already own the Clarins gel but have never used it so this is going to be first on the tan experiment list. The gel formula sounds idiot proof as I'll be able to see where I'm applying it as I go unlike the more common mousse formulas. I'll let you know how goes!

On my menu...

I had to share this incredible picture because it's one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen of food! It's from the rather special blog The Littlest Things/ What to cook tonight so all credit for the image above to her. 
I wanted to share a brief round up of culinary inspiration I'm dying to try out as soon as I'm installed in my new kitchen which could potentially be in about 4 days... my estate agent is holding me in suspense! 

1. Seafood is among my very favourite things to eat. There's nothing better then spaghetti vongole in my opinion or fresh squid, scallops, mussels... you get the idea! Although I very rarely cook them myself. I suppose this is beacause they seem like a lot of effort and can be quite fiddly with all the prep. 'What to cook tonight' makes it all look very easy though and the squid is going to be the first thing I try on a Saturday evening in my new flat!

2. Pasta is always high on my list of things to eat. I have quite an Italian mindset about it... i.e I couldn't live without it! This pasta obsession started long before I lived in Italy for 9 months though, it's been a life long love affair really. I think it's the versatility of it that makes it such a great ingredient. If you're after something homely, warm and filling in the depths of winter a nice ragu, lasagne or macaroni cheese will satisfy all cravings and in summer a light pasta salad or seafood dish is ideal. 
I understand though if you're not a fan how weird my love of it might sound. Like the whole Eat, Pray, Love scene where Julia Roberts eats a bowl of pasta as if she's never tasted it before... It's the most annoying scene in the history of cinema and I'm always slightly concerned that is me every time I eat a bowl!

3. Tomatoes- I'm not just talking about any old tomatoes but heritage tomatoes that come in a crazy array of colours! They make any dish look so appealing and I'm keen to try out this simple caprese once the weather heats up.

4. More gratuitous seafood pictures! There's no reason other than they're too beautiful not to share!

images via pinterest

That Mindfulness!

I've become increasingly aware over the last year of the importance of a good work, life balance. Not so much from my own personal experience but what I see around me and my family, work situations demand more and more of our time. I was reading an article recently and it's funny how attitudes seem to differ hugely about working overtime and long hours and always making yourself available to your employer. Some nations seem to see these as essential traits in an employee and yet in other countries it is believed that if you can't finish your work in the time given then you're not thought of as an efficient worker. However, thanks to emails and technology in general there's no clock in and clock out for some jobs and in my opinion this just can't be healthy.

Personally I know I have a bit of a love hate relationship with technology. On the one hand my job wouldn't exist without it and on the other life would be a whole lot simpler! I know that when it gets round to holiday time one of the things I look forward to most is switching off my phone and having no wifi access. It's amazing how life just carries on without a hitch with no instagram or Facebook! 

I don't know about you but I find during the working week I'm constantly consuming information whether it's reading the newspapers, twitter, emails or blogs and it gets quite draining. There's always something to think about. What a challenge we've set ourselves with all our technology and social media to find any sense of calm and well-being!
I recently picked up a book by The Happy Buddah. I'll admit I was mainly attracted to the beautiful cover, I thought it'd look nice in the new flat, but I've really loved reading it. It's an exploration of Mindfulness and it's not difficult to follow or just some hippy nonsense. It's proven to significantly reduce stress and in my case just improve your outlook on things and appreciate doing nothing rather than racing on to the next project or goal or ambition.  

"Being here and now, with life simply as it is, is the paradise we have been seeking. There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path."

Give it a try, 10 minutes silence in the morning can really change your entire day.

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