A piece of cake.

 Just look at that! I can't wait to have my very own kitchen. So much baking, steaming, frying and roasting will be done and I'll take the care to document it all!
I'll fully admit that I didn't bake this little sponge pudding but I thought it was too pretty not to photograph!

Hi weekend!

What a week! 
There's been a lot going on in life so forgive me if I've been slightly absent from the blogosphere! First up would be the on going battle that is the attempt to own my own home! I'm still not quite over the fact that this is happening...mind blown, whenever I remember! However the meetings and letters and decisions seem endless! Do I need to commission a check for danger of subsidence? I don't know!

I also had some pretty exciting news to celebrate over the weekend. I've accepted a brand new job which I'll be starting in May so we headed out on Saturday night.
We went to Raoul's again in Oxford for a quick drink before dinner. I had the most incredible cocktail ever! It was called a Sherbert Fountain and had 'vanilla vodka and white sambuca shaken hard with apple juice, blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon juice and homemade sherbet.' It tasted like a sweet shop and looked so cute with its stripy straw.

We then went to SoJo's, Oxford. I was so impressed with the place, it's easily one of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever been to. As they say themselves they serve up food a Chinese Grandmother would put on the table.
We over-ordered, of course, and went for dim sum and salt and pepper squid to start. I'm aware Dim Sum isn't a usual evening meal in China but hey, we are in Oxford! We then moved on to beef brisket in five spice, sweet and sour pork, chicken fried rice and crispy noodles. 
All of it was delicious but the squid was the best squid I've ever had, better than any I sampled in Vietnam on my travels and I love my squid!
The photos above are quite a random selection taken over the whole weekend. The weather was stunning on Sunday and I'm very proud of the top photo of our apple tree in full blossom!

Sunday afternoon

 Sundays are meant for...
- Coffee: I used to be fairly content with the instant type served up at work but in the last year I've begun to really appreciate a good cup of coffee. Having a boyfriend obsessed with the stuff is probably the reason!

- Reading: Sunday morning is the only day that includes a bit of a lie-in as it's the only day we both have off work at the moment. I'm currently reading A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks but it's quite an intense read so my usual blogs and old food magazines for cooking inspiration are on the reading list too!

- A long bath: Early Sunday evening means serious bath time and possibly my favourite part of the week.

Burford Garden Company

Once again I'm writing mental shopping lists full of throws, cushions, paint colours and other home decor bits. I'm still some time away from the big move unfortunately, but it pays to be prepared, right? 
On Sunday I caught up with some friends. We decided to all meet halfway from wherever we were located for the weekend and Burford seemed like the obvious choice. It was an obvious choice until it turned out to be a nice sunny Sunday and we all realised we were going to have to fight the weekend crowds of tourists. Burford really is a magnet for weekend day trippers! Anyway, we headed to Burford Garden Company as we knew we could guarantee parking and some good food! If you've just clicked through to their website and are expecting some exciting online shopping to commence, I wouldn't get too excited. The stock on their website is almost non existent. However, in the flesh the centre really is the Disneyland of garden centres! There is so much packed in to their store you could quite easily set up home in one of their display sheds!
Anyway we browsed, bought miniature milk bottles for vases, cake tins and settled on a lemon tree to come back for at a later date. We then settled down for a bit of lunch consisting of various salads, deli ingredients, chocolate brownies and cloudy lemonade in the sun.
I've put together a few things I'd love to get from their website. I really need to avoid the place once I've moved in though, my bank would never forgive me otherwise!

Goodbye March.

I can't quite believe that today is the final day of March, that happened pretty quickly! It feels like yesterday that I went out for Sunday lunch for my birthday at the very start of the month. I spent the weekend pottering around. It was such a nice, sunny evening on Saturday, we headed in to Oxford for the night for a bit of a change. We couldn't resist hitting Byron burger again! I kind of wanted to try something new but I was persuaded otherwise! Again Byron didn't disappoint!

Afterwards we headed to the well renowned Raoul's cocktail bar in Jericho. The place is an Oxford institution apparently and I don't doubt it for a second as the cocktails were amazing. The menu was vast but we decided upon a Watermelon Crush, Homeboy Swizzle (yes really!) Superfly Diablo, English Jelup and a couple of others! The English Jelup was served in a Lyle's Golden Syrup pot, very cute! There was a real mixture of customers and we fully appreciated the fact that it had a really laid back, relaxed atmosphere. We're not really club go-ers any more! Anyway I would fully recommend it if you're in oxford for the evening.

My favourites, trilogy moisturisers!

I've posted before about my love for trilogy skincare. The brand was a fairly recent discovery for me. I bought a small set of samples from Amazon to try the brand, but mainly the Rosehip Oil, and haven't looked back! I posted about the set on my post 'upgrading my skincare regime' earlier this year. I finished off the small Vital Moisturising Cream quite quickly so I decided to go for the full sized versions. 
I use the Vital Moisturising Cream in the morning after cleansing and before applying make up and then use a couple of drops of the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ after cleansing in the evening. Just one or two drops from the pipette seems to be more than enough to cover my face and neck. On top of the oil goes the Rosapene Night Cream. This stuff is so gloriously thick but sinks in so quickly and easily. I notice in the morning that my skin has a much healthier glow and sheen to it since using the oil.
I bought the full sized products direct from the brand's online store and was delighted to find they were including a little 'Instant Radiance Collection' free when spending over £25. I haven't tried the sample exfoliator or cleanser yet but if the moisturisers are anything to go by, I'm sure I won't be disappointed! You can still get the free collection offer on site.